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Grace Families,

Principal’s Perspective
Last Friday, we had the privilege of praying for our 2nd graders, who have been working within the Catechism of the Catholic Church in preparation for their First Reconciliation, which many undertook last weekend.
Every 2nd grader I talked to last week said the same thing, “This is our big weekend.  I’m still so nervous.  I wish we could just get through it.”
These are normal, age appropriate responses to the stress of having to name your intentional bad choices out loud, even if in the privacy of the confessional.  We often would like to skip over the hard parts.
We HAVE to navigate the hard parts with our children, because they themselves are learning to navigate the hard parts. So I spent a lot of time recently helping students suss out their feelings, their thoughts, and their responsibilities on their call to Holiness. These hard conversations are not only a responsibility of my position, they are often ultimately a delight.  We are blessed with the opportunity to help form your students into the Men and Women they are called to be. It's the conversations and connections formed through the nerves, the anxiety, the embarrassment- the hard stuff- that are why we teach, and the time our teachers spend nurturing each student and fostering a love of God is truly what makes Grace great.
We were so proud to be able to cheer for all of our 2nd graders as a school on Monday- praying for them that this Reconciliation was the first of Many and even for those who were not prepared to participate in this Sacrament, we prayed  in gratitude for the deepening relationship they all now have with Christ.
What a wonderful mindset with which to enter into this year’s Holy Week: Using that which is hard to bring into focus all that is Good.  As always, thank you for sharing your students with us.

REFERRAL DISCOUNTS ARE BACK! You will receive $300 for any new family who registers and attends Grace next school year.
Update: If a new family takes a tour before June 2023, and says you referred them, we will give $50 off your tuition THIS YEAR!  If they then REGISTER and attend, then you will get $250 off your tuition next year.
If they don’t need a tour and simply register and attend based on your recommendations, then all $300 goes to next year, and we will reach out to you about how you would like that applied.
Existing families can split the tuition discount (if two existing families refer the same new family.)
All tuition increases this year will be going toward the rising cost of school bills, which have increased by 5-10% this year.  We are still raising money toward the playground and adding additional playtime activities to the blacktop area, which we hope will not only provide more fun and learning opportunities for our current students, but give Grace a little more “Curb Appeal”, and serve as a notification to our community that we are here to stay.

Financial Aid/Scholarships
ONLY families who have applied for ALL external scholarships for which they are eligible (including Empower, Kremer and Spalding as applicable) by April 28th will be considered for “in house” financial assistance. You will also need to be current on your tuition for this year no later than June 15th, 2023 to be considered.

Important Dates Coming Up:

  • Friday March 31st- Grace Gear Day.  Wear your Grace Gear Top and Uniform Bottom.  Optional day, you may of course always wear your uniform.

  • Sunday April 2nd- Palm Sunday Please Plan on attending church with your family.

  • Monday April 3rd- Outside drop-off begins, weather permitting, and shorts are permitted again, per the dress code.

  • Monday April 3rd- NO Dress Down Passes this Day. We will be doing some videotaping around campus for a video to be shown at the Gala.

  • Thursday April 6- Wear What You Want Day- Keeping within the out of uniform dress code.

  • Sat April 22nd, - Grace Gala!  Join us and bring your friends for an Adults Night Out with a Great Gatsby Theme.  There will be delicious food, dancing and a Cash bar, so 21+ only, please!  Tickets must be purchased in advance.

  • Sat. April 29th- First Holy Communion for our 2nd graders and those seeking to come into the Church.  Please plan on joining us to celebrate!

Holy Week Schedule

  • Thursday April 6- Holy Thursday- We do not have Mass at school this day, we expect families to attend church that evening for Thursday services.

  • Friday April 7th-Monday April 9th No School for Triduum through Easter Monday.

  • Confessions in Lent at St. Anne’s are held Saturdays 3-3:45pm, and Sundays from 9:15-9:45 am. 

  • Eucharistic Adoration will be held in the St. Anne’s chapel on Fridays from 8-11:30am, Followed by Mass at Noon and 12:30 Stations of the Cross.

Have a wonderful and Christ-Centered Holy Week!